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THE UPSIDE is an Australian sportswear brand that presents contemporary sportswear designs that combine style and performance. Whether it's yoga, jogging, or sweating it out in the gym, it can provide you with comfortable and excellent sportswear. The Upside uses more sweat-absorbing and quick-drying elastic fabrics, which can maximize your stretching during sports.

Cover Swim

Lisa Moore changed the swimwear industry. After leaving her investment banking job, she launched Cover in 2008 and became a fashion influencer. Lisa needed a stylish and simple solution to protect her skin while focusing on young children in the sun. The brand pioneered the design and production of swimwear with sleeves, kickstarting the rise of sun-resistant swimwear. The Cover uses their own Swimsuit® fabric, which eliminates nearly all UV rays and provides incredible temperature control.
Cover's line of sun-resistant clothing can be found at international retailers such as Net-a-Porter, Shopbop and Neiman Marcus. Lisa designs and manages operations from her Dallas office, and Cover is manufactured entirely in Los Angeles. Her love of art is evident in the eclectic collaborations she has coordinated over the years.

Dippin' Daisy's

Dippin Daisys is one of the fastest growing sustainable swimwear brands on the market today. Our mission begins with four core values: female empowerment, size inclusivity, sustainability and affordable luxury. Since our founding in 2015, we've worked hard to stay authentic in order to create a swimwear brand that truly makes you feel like your best self. At its core, we want every experience to encapsulate a true desire to live in a space that allows all to express their inner divine feminine. We are committed to challenging ourselves and evolving to make a positive impact in swimwear and beyond.

Nearly Newlywed

NearlyNewlywed White glove concierge service exclusively for brides-to-be and newlyweds. Where you can shop authentic new, sample and pre-owned designer wedding dresses; NearlyNewlywed helps a bride get her favorite gowns for less.


Accessorize is part of Monsoon, a British brand clothing brand. It is a unique accessories store with a strong British style and a sense of fashion. Peter Simon (Peter Simon) set up Monsoon's first store in Knightsbridge, London in 1973, and began to enter the British market with ethnic style, and has now become one of the mainstream clothing brands in the UK.


At, our goal is simple: Live and deliver WOW. Twenty years ago we started as a small online retailer that only sold shoes. Today, we still sell shoes - as well as clothing, bags, accessories and more. "More" is delivering the best customer service, customer experience and company culture. Our aim is to inspire the world by demonstrating that it is possible to simultaneously bring happiness to customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and communities in a long-term, sustainable manner. We hope that in the future people won't even realize that we started selling shoes online. Instead, they'll know that Zappos is a service that happens to sell shoes.

Blooming Jelly

Blooming Jelly is a fast growing women's fashion apparel brand. We offer high quality Tops, Swimwear, Activewear at affordable prices for all women to enjoy stylish comfort. Established in 2014, Blooming Jelly offers a wide range of high fashion for women of all ages to dress themselves and express their personal style. At Blooming Jelly, we never go out of style and are constantly stocking our catalog with the latest fashion trends at great prices. Elegant, minimal and free in design, you'll always find the perfect product from Blooming Jelly. We are not only a clothing brand, but also an advocate of comfortable life attitude and lifestyle.

La Ligne

La Ligne believes in the universal appeal of stripes - always classic, always chic. We wanted to inject a sense of fun into our collections. We don't want to make fashion precious. La Ligne starts with the signature stripes, but it doesn't stop there. You'll find everyday essentials and statement pieces—versatile staples that can be easily worn from dawn to dusk. We love when women wear La Ligne and make it their own.


Clyque The Label is a collection of daring bodysuits and premium basics, founded by the ever-chic Lily Adel. Clyque's clean lines and modern editorial vibe make a statement and still keep the focus on the product.

Kiel James Patrick

Kiel James Patrick prides itself on creating enduring locally designed fashion and accessories pieces. Every product has a story, a season and a rich tradition that we proudly commemorate. From our iconic Anchor and Arrows logo to our vibrant lifestyle imagery, every detail is designed to evoke memories, including breezy days by the sea wearing a shrink cord bracelet, wearing a cozy sweater and rope Crisp fall nights around the fire, and holiday plaids and pearls celebrate traditions old or new. Led by brand founders Kiel and Sarah Patrick, and with the tireless efforts of our talented team, we strive to deliver quality products that redefine originality, with a view to inspiring our community of supporters to dare to dream their own way in a unique way style.

Shop Ambitionist

Shop Ambitionist's mission is to lead a more confident, beautiful, successful and stylish life through comfort and quality. Getting dressed should be easy. What you wear should be comfortable. Every woman needs the perfect premium basics and bodysuits to wear, everywhere. These are timeless pieces you can wear now and treasure for years to come. Shop Ambitionist swears by creating the most comfortable bodysuits you can wear all day without it breaking you. We pay great attention to detail and take the time to bring out each item... ensuring quality, comfort and bringing great confidence to our community. We've made these comfortable and durable bodysuits to last wash after wash.

Cult Gaia

The objects created by Cult Gaia are works of art first and utility second. Many of the bags we make are freestanding and have a very sculptural quality. Our design philosophy is to make things stand out and catch the eye. Works should be perfect imperfections that need nuance to be beautiful, and like nature, no two things are ever the same. Cult Gaia is inspired by nature and women.

Peter Mc Andrew

Peter Mc Andrew is a France-based textile brand with a license to design and market apparel and accessories. Peter Mc Andrew holds official licenses: Grand Prix Monaco, Rallye Monte Carlo, Chamonix Mont-Blanc and 43.6 Porquerolles Saint Tropez. The collections are designed around the spirit of sportswear, chic and fashion.

Democracy Clothing

Democracy is a denim-focused casual lifestyle brand for women who grew up with fashion and then moved on to life. She's passionate about her family and her career, but never loses her desire to feel good and look stylish. Based on the principle of "curves are equal" where we acknowledge that all shapes are different but equal, we have designed a pair of jeans that maximize the feminine form through a fusion of style, comfort and technology.
Democracy's signature "Ab" solution jeans feature an innovative construction that incorporates smooth, super-stretch denim, moldable and secure slimming panels, hidden inner elastic waistband for a no-gap waist, and mesh panels for cinch The tummy control, signature curved back yoke and clever pocket pockets keep her "up." Built from the bottom up, Democracy combines versatile fit and effortless aesthetics for all shapes and sizes. Inspired by this multitasking woman with an ageless mind, Democracy introduces emerging trends in an accessible and affordable way for all her lifestyle needs.


Boohoo is a British fashion apparel e-commerce company, headquartered in Manchester, with teenagers as its main customers; its products include men's and women's clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, watches and glasses, and other fashionable products; it is also a new star of British local clothing, clothing The design inspiration of the website comes from celebrity dressing and T-stage fashion. In the first quarter of 2015, the number of active users rose to 3.3 million, and the revenue achieved a strong growth of 34.8%.

Magnolia Boutique

When Magnolia Boutique opened in 2013, it started in the basement of a stay-at-home mom. After working as a buyer for other clothing stores for many years, she realized that many women, like herself, didn't have the time to spend hours at the mall looking for the perfect outfit. Thanks to her efforts, today we have a huge warehouse that allows us to bring vibrant and modern bohemian clothing to people across the country. In true boutique fashion, we choose the clothes, style and photograph our own merchandise and ship directly from our warehouse. Magnolia helps you find your unique look without the hefty price tag, offering you a curated selection of budget-friendly fashion styles.

Beau & Ro

Beau & Ro has expanded to an all-encompassing product line, including dresses, handbags, jewelry and more. We take great pride in American craftsmanship, but also produce seasonal designs from artisans and artisans around the world to create a vibrant collection. Our store features our entire range of brands, as well as a curated selection of Sara's favorite brands.

Cashmere Boutique

Cashmere Boutique, offers the highest quality cashmere products including cashmere sweaters, robes, scarves, hats, gloves, socks, shawls, coats, blankets, blankets and many more.

LAKE Pajamas

LAKE believes that the most comfortable part of your day should be celebrated. For us, these moments of comfort are nights at home with family, weekends with friends, a dose of me time after a long day, and vacations that bring everyone together. Our pajamas start with simple silhouettes, classic stripes, and the softest fabric imaginable: 100% Peruvian Pima cotton. Now, LAKE offers the perfect line of pajamas for women, men and kids, and its collection of premium fabrics extends to casual wear beyond the bed. Founded in 2014 in Savannah, Georgia, LAKE can be shopped here as well as at our stores in Atlanta and Charleston.

Long Tall Sally

Since 1976, Long Tall Sally's mission has been to be the destination of choice for tall women worldwide. We never just add inches. We position the hips, hems, pockets and plackets of each garment exactly where they should be. We champion tall women everywhere. Everything Long Tall Sally does is designed to make tall women look and feel great.

Wave Avenue Boutique

At Wave Avenue, we're constantly striving to find you the latest styles, assortments and trends. Whether you're in the market for something casual or formal, trendy or traditional, our aim is to bring you the highest quality products, right at your fingertips.

Cole Haan

Cole Haan was founded in Chicago in 1928. It was acquired by Nike in 1988 and became a brand of Nike. Today, Cole Haan has become a brand symbol of American fashion trends. Cole Haan initially only made men's shoes, but later like most fashion brands, it began to expand into women's shoes, bags, coats and other accessories. Today, Cole Haan has become a brand symbol of American fashion trends. Today the company offers a wide range of products including men's and women's apparel and casual shoes, belts, hosiery, bags, gloves, scarves, hats, underwear and sunglasses.


Teva has built a legacy since 1984. The first athletic sandals appeared on Grand Canyon Shores back in 1984. Needing to keep sandals from drifting downstream, a resourceful river guide strapped two Velcro straps to an old pair of flip-flops. And thus, Teva was born.
Every inch of Teva's footwear is considered a canvas. Our signature shoulder straps are timeless and constantly reinvented in patterns, conceived by our designers from around the world. Beginning in 2020, all signature watch straps across our entire product line will be made from traceable, verifiable recycled plastic. We want those who follow us to be free to explore the great outdoors tomorrow, so we're reducing our footprint today.

Hill House Home

Hill House Home is a digital-first lifestyle brand that brings beauty and joy to everyday rituals. Since launching bedding in 2016, Hill House Home has expanded its range to offer bath, baby, accessories and clothing, including the ever-popular Nap Dress. Through a design-centric approach, we create products designed to enhance and celebrate life s premium products offer impeccable quality and timeless refined style. Our aesthetic point of view and client-driven approach brings a fresh, accessible perspective to these prestigious categories.

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